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About me

I studied different techniques of drawing and painting at different stages in my life, partly on my own.


Many times I felt the power of this form of expression. When I retired and was looking for a place to learn about and work with acrylic paint, I discovered Atelier 45 in Morges (later Rolle). That’s were I found the space and the stimulation I needed to develop my creativity which I always suspected was there! When Atelier 45 closed at the end of 2014, I was lucky to find Catherine Etter's gallery and atelier in Rolle, where I am continuing expressing myself with colors and shapes.


Painting is an intuitive, emotional way to express myself.

The pictures come from somewhere deep inside of me, if I’m able to let go of the usual inhibitors (wanting to do something pleasing, being result-oriented, trying to control).


I do (mostly) abstract, expressionist painting, wishing to express my emotions, to play with colors, to explore shapes or also to experiment with figurative  subjects of nature. In this way, I produce very diverse paintings. They always are the result of my joy to explore my creativity.

Since October 2017, I have my own space at Les Atelier de la Côte, route de Pallatex 5, 1163 Etoy.

Check out this extraordinary Art Center on!

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